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Sonavox operates with around 2.000 highly qualified employees in Suzhou, China (headquarters), Brazil, the Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico and the USA and has become one of the largest loudspeaker manufacturers in the world.

Founded in 1975, we are mainly engaged in the research, design and manufacturing of anything from a single audio component up to complex integrated automotive sound systems, from entry level quality up to branded audiophile quality audio.

Developing automotive audio solutions of the future requires superior know-how of the entire product development process. At Sonavox we consistently foster a high in-house production depth – at all our sites. Not only is this extremely cost-efficient, it also means that we can respond to our customers’ requirements with great flexibility and speed.

The basis for and driving force behind our continued excellent performance are our high dedication to quality and technological innovation.

    • Research
    • Simulation
    • Tuning
    • Validation
    • Manufacturing

    Research & Development

    Research and development are a primary concern at Sonavox. Within our international production organization our headquarters in Suzhou assume the role of our competence and innovation center.
    At the Sonavox R&D center, our acoustics and electronics engineers, technicians and postdoctoral fellows are mainly devoted to the research on loudspeakers and amplifiers.
    Always on the lookout for innovations, our experts study and develop day in, day out new proprietary surrounds, cone shapes and paper mixes, weight-optimized magnetic circuits, sound field control solutions, and many other automotive audio trends.
    This is how we are able to deliver our customers unique sound products, applications and systems.


    State-of-the-art CAE technologies are at the heart of our development process. Every design step is therefore carefully validated and optimized with the use of simulation models by our acoustics experts. Depending on the need, we at Sonavox run various types of models starting from simple 1D lumped parameter models up to 3D FEA multiphysics models.

    Tuning Services

    The audio experience in a vehicle must match the highest quality requirements of the final customers. For this purpose, not only the selection of suitable components and their positioning at the best possible place is important. The authentic listening experience will only be achieved when all the components of the audio system are tuned and acting as a homogenous sound orchestra.

    The experts from Sonavox adjust the sound signature of each vehicle model individually with regards to the expectations of the car manufacturer and the brand of the audio system.

    We provide tuning services for major customers at home and abroad. Not only do we have tuning facilities including reference listening rooms at our headquarters in Suzhou but we also have a tuning room in Isenbüttel near Wolfsburg, Germany.

    Test und Validation

    Our object is to maintain the exceptional quality of our products even under harsh temperature conditions. Every single material must do its best. Not just once, but for the vehicle’s entire life cycle and beyond it.

    Specific reliability test programs are tailored to analyze the robustness of our products. Our fully equipped validation lab enables multiple quality tests in different processes: constant temperature and humidity chamber, low temperature and air pressure chamber, cold and heat shock chamber, vibration table (with temperature), water proof test chamber, shock test table, water proof test chamber, dust proof test chamber, temperature resistance test chamber and salt spray test chamber.

    We are able to monitor product parameters during test executions continuously.


    Innovative technology and uncompromising quality are a top priority in an effort to meet customer requirements. We have the same high production and quality standards in every facility worldwide and continuously focus on standardization and improvement of our processes. Combined with industry leading end of line testing methods and technology this is how we ensure quality first all around the globe!

    Within our international production organization the headquarters in Suzhou assume the role of a competence and innovation center. New technologies are developed and optimized here until the series production process runs reliably.
    Having development and production close by facilitates coordination processes. The flexibility gained thereby is of advantage to our customers.

Sonavox History

Since 1975 we stand for audio solutions. Having started out as specialists for consumer and automotive audio, we have evolved to a global supplier and much sought OEM partner in the automotive sector.


Sonavox’s road to success

We are developing innovative products in close collaboration with our customers. In appreciation of our work as an innovative automotive audio supplier we have received multiple awards.
Ford Q1 Preferred
Quality Status


for loudspeakers & amplifiers since 2004


VW suppliers
BOSE Award


Bose productivity Improvement


DAF Supplier
of the year
BOSE Award


Supplier Quality Excellence Award
GM Supplier
Quality Excellence Award


Fourth recognition.
(2007, 2014, 2017, 2018)


We offer career opportunities around the world

We at Sonavox invest in lasting relationships between our employees and the company. We want to engage the brightest minds and work with them to shape the future together. We want you to feel at home in our company and develop your professional and personal strengths in a pleasant environment.

One of the reasons for our success is that we’re team players and know that we can only continue our great successes together.

If you’ve been impressed by what you’ve heard or read, you should seize the opportunity now to become a part of the successful Sonavox team.

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